CEO/Founder - Pooja Shukla, a Social Entrepreneur and a Driver of Purpose. She is also the Chairman of COSMOS - A Global Network of World Visionaries.

She believes strongly in 'Living the Best Version of Life' and provides Training & Development Services globally. She places great emphasis on building trusting relationships and has extensive networks and clients globally, founded on this value.

Pooja incorporates social causes and advocates strongly the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. She has also represented Singapore internationally at various conferences and is a global keynote speaker on Human Purpose.

Her adventures and profound passion to serve is mainly the reason why she decided to start coaching. With the experiences that she has gathered through the years and her numerous awards and achievements globally, Pooja is able to guide her clients to better paths and offer groundbreaking strategies, with no two methods for the same issues. She is an innovative and resourceful Human Purpose Coach and works with your personality, behaviour and personal perspectives to craft effective solutions to your problems.

What’s most of value add is that she is known to incorporate Psychology concepts to her life coaching, which really adds to the quality of advice and direction she provides.

Pooja Shukla is understanding, compassionate, and also a great listener. She is the only Human Purpose coach in Singapore and is highly considered for both her skills and intuitive personality.

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I am an enthusiast about sharing ideas and experiences and provide keynote speaking through all platforms. Up to date I have conducted talks around-

The Human Purpose & Finding Yours
Competing in New Age
Achieving UN SDGs
Future of Work
Digital Economy
Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Social Responsibility


(only human purpose coach in Singapore)

I provide a wide range of coaching/mentoring services on a personal and/or group level and this circles around life coaching mostly. Understanding your difficulties, finding solutions, and formulating your next step, is something I am truly passionate about. I believe in strengths and weakness explorations and have worked with accomplished professionals, troubled youths, teenagers, women, ex-inmates, and the mentally disadvantaged.
I also provide entrepreneurship coaching, business strategies, personal and organizational branding and am a connector for businesses because of the extensive networks I have had the pleasure of building throughout my years.
My programmes are fully customized, effective and highly reviewed globally. I incorporate high level psychology concepts and ensure that all objectives are met during our journey together while we Find Your Purpose.

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Pooja Shukla

CEO / Founder

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